Fly Line Deck Spikes

SFC Deck Spikes are strong, flexible and saltwater/UV resistant. Simply spray down with fresh water, like you would your skiff, and your spikes will last a lifetime.

Our unique design catches more line than thin strand or conical spikes, and our recommended adhesive is stronger than foam tape, is easy to remove and won't stain.

Simply glue each spike on your deck to keep your fly line on the bow where it should be--not in the water or wrapped around your prop.



Durable - Very high resistance to UV, moisture and temperature. With proper care (see below), SFI spikes won't fade, crack or harden.

Strong - Our spikes are highly flexible and tear resistant
stretching up to 5x their normal shape before deformation.

Foot-Proof - Don't worry about stepping on it. You won't
hurt yourself because the spikes are flexible.


Height: 3"

Base: 1 1/4"

Care Instructions

Simply spray with water after each trip. For tough stains, mix standard
marine soap (or Dawn dishwashing liquid) with warm water and scrub with a sponge.

Pro Tips

Configuration - I have 19 spikes on the bow of my 17' skiff. They are 9 inches apart and work great.

Cleaning - I spray down the spikes after each trip just like I do my skiff. When I get blood, mud or sand on the spikes, I sponge with marine soap or Dawn; and there're as good as new.

Adhesion - The adhesive works great and spikes stay on the
boat longer than foam tape. Sure, I've had them come off from tie downs or hooks but never from wear and tear, exposure to UV or saltwater.