Collection: Fly Line Mat (30-inch)

Fly Line Mat 30-inch

The 30-inch SFC Fly Line Mats are big, adjustable and extremely durable.  They are saltwater/UV resistant so they won’t harden, tear or fade.  Simply spray down with water, like you would your skiff, and your mat will last a lifetime.

Our unique wing design catches more line than conventional oval or rectangular mats whether positioned on the bow, on the side or on the back of your casting platform. 

Each mat comes with 24 spikes. You can choose between 1.5" or 3" spikes or a combo.  Spikes can be removed for calm conditions or added when it blows giving you maximum adjustability for all conditions. 

Both mat and spikes are flexible and foot-proof meaning you won't hurt your foot if stepped on.  In fact, our mats can be folded, rolled up, etc., and still retain their original shape without any creasing or permanent damage.