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Fly Line Mat-30" (Seafoam/Aqua)

Fly Line Mat-30" (Seafoam/Aqua)

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Spike Height

Size:  30" x 30" x 30" (side and base dimensions)
Thickness:  1/4"
Spike Height:  1.5", 3” or combo (recommended)
Weight:  ~ 5 pounds
#Spikes:  Mat has positions for 24 spikes. 
Adjustability:  Run with all 24 spikes or remove as many as desired to suit your fishing conditions.
Strong:  Highly flexible and tear resistant stretching up to 5x its normal shape before deformation.  Roll it, fold it--mat will not curl and will always retain its original shape.
Durable:  Highly resistant to UV, moisture, saltwater and temperature (outdoor).  With proper care, won't fade, harden or crack.
Care:  Simply wash down after a hard day on the water.  Use mild soap when needed.
Bare-Foot Approved:  Spikes are very flexible, go ahead and step on it, you won't hurt yourself or the mat.

NOTE: We maintain a lean inventory so it may take 2-3 days to fulfill you order. We appreciate your patience.

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